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Tried to call and understand why we couldn't get through during these cirucmstances.


In light of the fact everyone is working from home can you please lift the restrictions to upload speeds for our connection? We are literally 100m away from the exchange and are experiencing really poor upload speeds which doesnt help for video conferencing etc.


We know that you can change this from the back end so are kindly requesting this urgently before we explore other providers who can adjust for our requirements.


Thanks again and hope you are all doing well in the cirucmstances.


You can contact me directly on 0434 603 031 if you need to discuss further.






Are you ADSL or NBN?

What speeds do you get if you run the speed test on TPG's support page.

If you are on NBN, your close exchange may not be a NBN Point of Interconnect. 

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ADSL, not NBN.


Attached is a screenshot of my speed test.


You could turn your router off for 30sec and see if it resyncs at a higher speed.

Your ISP may have a speed profile on your connection.

There may be a line fault causing a slower speed. The activity log of your router may indicate something.

Best speed achieved on computer connected by cable.

How come your IP address is with Telstra, not TPG?

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I have no idea why its a Telstra and not TPG IP? 

TPG is our ISP - can you check the speed profile of our connection?

We have an account with TPG and pay TPG monthly. TPG send us all the stuff to set up. 

Can you look at our account and confirm this?

Does TPG use Telstra network?


I'm only a user so I can't check anything or make adjustments.

Has this slow speed always been the case or only from recently?

You should try to logon to the router and check what speed it shows for your connection. (This is the physical speed on your copper phone line.)

What model of router is it?

If you have a Windows computer, try this:

open a command window,

enter this command:       tracert  -d  -h  20  www.tpg.com.au

copy and paste the result back into this post (or take photo and upload it).

Looking at your ip address from here, you travel through some Telstra equipment. It may be that TPG didn't have equipment at your local exchange. You can check on the TPG coverage map.


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Oh sorry, i thought you were from TGP tech support?


Download is fine, has always been a bit slow but it's the upload speed i'm more worried about in this time of video conferencing etc and need to work from home.


Results below: 


C:\WINDOWS\system32> tracert -d -h 20 www.tpg.com.au

Tracing route to www.tpg.com.au []
over a maximum of 20 hops:

1 * * * Request timed out.
2 487 ms 578 ms 617 ms
3 1095 ms 1781 ms 1511 ms
4 1515 ms 718 ms 720 ms
5 724 ms 704 ms 775 ms
6 757 ms 1012 ms 1496 ms
7 1601 ms 1328 ms 838 ms
8 450 ms 368 ms 380 ms
9 455 ms 565 ms 751 ms
10 1380 ms 1630 ms 1620 ms

Trace complete.


Thanks again for your help.



Can you logon to your account and check what plan you are on?

It could be "off-net". There are many exchanges in Victoria where there is no TPG equipment so TPG users are carried through Telstra. Telstra may have been a better bet when you started with ADSL. Probably, no-one is selling ADSL now since NBN is so close. NBN might be better way to go. And go with a provider who has local connections.

Look at "ADSL2+ Coverage" on the bottom of TPG home page. If map doesn't open in Vic, there is a drop down at the bottom of the map. Find your exchange. If it is purple, you have off-net via Telstra. If it is blue, there is ADSL2+ If your exchange is blue, then you might have been forgotten.

Max upload speed for ADSL is 1Mbps.

In the tracert command, your path goes through a few Telstra devices before getting to TPG.


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Plan is "Home Bundle L"


NBN not currently in my area. 


I looked at the ADSL2+ Coverage. Exchange is blue. 

I cant seem to get upload speed greater than 1Mbps (usually averages 0.6Mbps).


Quite frusting now we're all working from home 


!Mbps (1,000,000 or 1,024,000) is max upload speed for ADSL but that's the physical speed on the phone line. But your speed test upload should be faster than 0.6Mbps.

What model router do you have?

Is your computer connected by cable to the router?


Looking at your tracert, it is strange the first line has Request timed out. On my computer, the first line is the default gateway (my router). In the command window, can you do this command:

 tracert -d -h 20 www.tpg.com.au

Copy and paste the result. Then do the following:


The symbol before more is vertical bar; Shift backslash on my keyboard. It will display one screen of data.

Copy and paste the result. Control C to stop the command.