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feel pain surrounding the hands, feet

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for about 3 - 6 months, i feel pain surrounding my hands, feet, etc, when i turn on  the w-fi.

it recurs again when i use nbn wi-fi. when i turn the wi-fi off, the symptoms disappears.


can you check, maybe something wrong with the apparatus ?




Hi @geraldsouw,


Have you already seen a doctor about the pain you feel on your hands and feet?


If not, it's important to share with your doctor your observation that turning on the Wi-Fi seems to be associated with you experiencing pain. Seek your doctor's medical advice on this matter as there could be other variables involved.


In the meantime, there's no harm in turning off your Wi-Fi inside your home. You just need to limit your internet use to devices that can be connected directly to your modem using an ethernet cable.


Please refer to our guide below on how to set-up your modem for a wired connection.


List of all TPG broadband setup and modem guides on Community


Take care.

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