ADSL connection

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I had my internet connected today(well the tpg guys say so). The technician gave me a call n asked me to connect the modem and said he would call me back. I didn't rcv any call and later when I called tpg to ask about my connection. They said it's connected and had a few tests run. During the call I received a voicemail. The call was then transferred to another lady who says they will send another technician for $60 to get it connected as there's some issue in telephone line n mentioned that they HAVE BEEN trying to call me from before n left a msg in voice mail. Can anyone help me with jumperring of lines? Just realised the tpg has worst service before even starting the connection.

Hi @melinakhatiwada,


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We were able to locate your account using your community details.


The account is already installed yesterday, however, there seems to be an issue within the copper network which is why the service is not working.


The case was escalated to our Engineering team and they've lodged the fault with Telstra to have their technician fix the said fault.


They've told us that they've booked a technician to look into your TPG service on or before the 13th of April.


Further updates will be given via SMS or phone call once available.


We apologise for the inconvenience.


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