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ADSL2+ home phone bundle cancellation

Level 2

Hi I need someone to cancel my account and refund the intial money i paid.
I have been waiting for 2 months on ADSL to be installed and not receiving any service at all or even a 4G sim to cover the down time like other ISP's. I was promised it would be 10-20 days until i would have a useable connection from the sales person. I initially used my phone data to work from home, but I have now ended up having to use my annual leave instead. I was optimistic when a technician was finally confimed, but that quickly subsided when they no showed, and now 2 weeks of not hearing a reason why or when they will be rescheduled. 
As a result i want this whole thing cancelled, my money back and i'm not paying a cancellation fee, you have made me pay too much to figure alternative options and using my own annual leave. 

I am beyond furious. 


Hi blue


Could I get your CID or username (PM please), so I can review your account.


Level 2

@luisc I have PMed yoo my details after you messaged, and received no email or message in reply.
When will my account be closed and my money returned?


Can TPG not put public messages looking like they are concerned and active and then completely ghost their customers when following instructions