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ADSL2+ modem installations

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Just signed up for ADSL2+ home phone bundle with no lock up contract few week ago, the installation just completed yesterday.
And also the packaged did not come with free modem, so i have to buy a new modem and install it myself. The customer service did not inform the details to me.
The problem now is i do not know how to set up and connect the modem to the internet. I know nothing about this, tried twice but failed!!! So upset at the moment after spent $179 for this plans but still have to deal with this issue..
I thought the engineer will come to install it for me..but nope
So could i ask someone to come over and set it up for me without additional fees ??
Or swap to 18months contract with free modem and free installation?
Or get full refund?

Hi @rief8899,


Welcome to the community!

If you sign up with No-Lock in contract there will be set up fee of $99.95 on top of your chosen ADSL2+ Plan.

Signing up with additional 18 Months Lock-In contract + $79.95 Set Up Fee includes our supplied ADSL2+
modem/router on top of your chosen ADSL2+ Plan.

We're able to locate your account using your community details and we've seen that one of our Technicians is scheduled to contact you tomorrow morning to assist you configure your modem/router.

We will keep an eye on this, please ensure to keep your mobile phone available for the incoming call. Let us know how it will go.



Hi @rief8899,


We understand that our Tech team has been in touch and since there's a possible fault within the copper network they've escalated the case with our Engineering team for further investigation.


Updates will be given within 24 to 48 hours once available.


Kind regards,