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Formal Complaint: ADSL installation

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I am part of a collaborative group of small businesses, and we recently moved to a new premises. Initially NBNs website said they could supply there, but after we had signed the lease, and got a date for install, it turned out they couldn’t service yet, and are trying to get this resolved.

In the meantime, NBN ‘rolled back’ the site to allow us to be able to get ADSL 2+, and I contacted TPG, paid an installation fee, and the install was due to be done last week. (yes, it is a business, but TPG don’t offer ADSL on any of their business pages, so I am here in the main forum)


A few days before the install is due, I receive an email advising me that “the technician assigned has advised that the address (given) is incorrect.”

So a technician can determine this without speaking to me or attending the site? Well, apparently Telstra have informed them that this address is ”not recognised on their database anymore due to possible copper restriction.”


And yet, another company on-site already have a Telstra account there. Hmmm.


So, whilst I understand that this is not specifically TPGs fault alone - as the customer (of TPG at the moment), I do not want to hear TPG and Telstra and NBN all blaming each other. I just want this issue resolved, so the 10 small businesses can continue to operate and grow their businesses in what is already a difficult economic environment!

I have been placed on hold, cut off, placed on hold again, in long queues, in looped queues (when none of the IVR options actually let you speak to a person, so you just go round in circles), and transferred to non-existent numbers.

I am currently waiting for a Case Manager and an agent to call me back, but I have no way to contact them (except for the options above.).


So here I am - in the hope that someone, somewhere will see this and understand my frustration at the dire level of Customer Service, and maybe, just maybe, manage to get me an actual install done at my office, so those businesses can keep operating.
Thank you in advance for any help!


Hi @cba190115 


Welcome to the Community!


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

We are dependent on our wholesale provider to connect your service, therefore we are subjected to their connection timeframes.

We've raised your concern to our Complaint resolution team; Customer relations and a case manager will be in touch with you via Email or phone call for further updates with your service installation.