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Horrible customer service

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So I was moving to a new property and called TPG to assist with the moving. I was charge $99 for a technician to do the connection at my new property for which I was promised within 5 working days (which actually din happen in 5 working days). After following up I was told that the connection for the property had poor quality copper wire which led to poor connection hence I dont have the connection. I was told that they will try to resolve remotely or will arrange a techinican to come and look at it and advised that i will receive un update in 24 hrs. after 24 hours i get an sms saying that there will be techinican coming to look at in 2 days time. after 2 days nothing worked, i called them again and i was advised that techinican has done his job and because there is an outage in the area i dont have connection so I should wait. another 2 days pass and I call for an update now I have been told that there will a tenician coming again in next to days to fix the issue (at this stage I dont even know what the problem, I have been given so many versons) so another 2 days pass and there is no connection.


I called them again and i was transfered to an engineer, she advised that connection from their end is fine and I will need a private technition to fix the connection and that will cost me another $60. I had to wait for 2 weeks without internet, given various stories of the issue and was asked to pay $60 or find my own technician. I told the lady I do not understand what is going on and I do not understand techinical terms. and asked her why Am i given different reason for issues every time I call. She has no answer to my questions and kept repeating the same technical jargon over and over and started getting rude. I am the customer who is left out without internet, I was nice and polite and paitent the whole way and this lady is giving me rude repies, I asked her that I want to speak with her seniour to which she responded that she is the senior. then I asked if i can speak with someone above her to which she replied that it is Sunday and no one is available. I asked her what is the way that I can put a complain to which is answered (laughing sarcastically) you can talk to me. She finally agreed to send the techinicain without putting a charge to me. 


overall it has been very stressful and frustrating experience dealing the TPG. the house move assistance is not at all pleasing and the staff dont know what they are talking about. giving excuses that dont make sence and try to rip you for instalation fees and private technician fees.


Hi @rahulnanda


Welcome to the Community!


We're sorry to hear that this wasn't a pleasant experience for you. We do thank you for sharing your feedback with us. This will help us to improve and provide better customer service. We will look into it and address it internally.


I checked your account using your community details as reference. From what I gathered, the Telstra technician completed the installation on the 19th of February. However, the line that goes to your actual premise is not properly connected at the MDF box (telecom switchboard within your premises) which required additional work from a private technician since this is already within your premises.


I can see that a TPG tech has already attended the appointment earlier and that the service is already working.


Should you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can can look into it.