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Internet not connecting post installation date

Level 1a
Installation date for internet was Wednesday 19th of March. Never received confirmation, so I had to follow up by email and they confirmed the service was active. However, I still can’t connect to my wifi with multiple devices. Can’t get support by phone or chat! I need internet asap
Level 9

Do you have a computer that connects to the wifi router using a cable so you can verify the internet is active?

Level 1a
Yes, I have my laptop connected. The wifi connects but the server does not respond. I tried to reconfigure the modem, but I can’t access the website that allows me to do that (using my cellular data ofcourse)
Level 9

Are you a new ADSL  or  ADSL changing to NBN  or a new NBN user? 

If NBN, do you know what variety of NBN?


So, you're saying that your laptop is connected to router by cable and it can access the internet, Google for example?

Then, "the wifi connects but the server doesn't respond"? In your device's settings (phone/tablet), does it show a connection to the wifi router with good signal strength? Is the wifi on your laptop disabled at this point? I can't recall there being anything extra to do once the device has a connection.

If you need to reconfigure the wifi router, best done using your laptop when connected by cable. In the browser address bar, enter the ip address of the router and then logon to the router using its userid and password which might be found on a label on the router, unless you have changed it.