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Less than 2Mbps upload and drop outs

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Had ADSL2+ installed on Sunday. Worked okay for a day or two (getting max download speeds of 14mbps). Today I noticed that I was getting < 2mbps with constant drop outs. Basically the connection is useless, so not sure why I'm paying for the service. Would like to cancel (yes even though I'm on an 18 month contract) without a penalty because < 2Mpbs is not even close to the maximum of 24Mpbs. I'm getting 120Mbps from my Vodafone 4G+ connection on my phone. Not Happy!

Hi @Cheanloke 


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I'm sorry to learn that canceling the service has crossed your mind due to the technical difficulty you're experiencing. I took the liberty to check your connection and from what I found, your modem is actually detecting a download sync speed of 18.1Mbps. You can also check this by logging in to your modem settings.


It appears that the main trouble is getting the number to be reflected on your speedtest results. Have you tested your internet speed with a computer connected via ethernet cable? This is to determine if the main focus is on possible WIFI-related issues. Please ensure that no other devices are connected (except the hardwired computer) when you perform the said test. If the result is good, then you may check the following links to improve your WIFI speed:


Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home

Wireless Channel on your modem - what is it and why should I change it?


However, if you're still having difficulty getting a good speedtest result even when using a hardwired computer, send me a PM with your contact details (best contact number and preferred time for a call) and we'll have our Technical Team reach out to you for additional troubleshooting.