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New ADSL Install Question

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Hi All, 


My Mother is moving into a new house in a few weeks time, there is currently an active landline that services a back to base alarm and the existing owner has provided me the phone number for that service. He will be disconnecting this when he leaves. 


What option should I select when signing up for a new ADSL service? ADSL2 service with an active number or "I don't have an active phone service"


Thanks, Ben


Hi @drex,


Welcome to the Community!


To provide a detailed response, please send us a private message with your complete address, as we'd like to double check what type of service we can offer and how you can sign up.


We'll wait for your response.


Thank you.

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Thanks for coming back to me. I've actually spoken to sales on the phone last night and sorted this all out. Had to be a new service as the phone line will disconnected by the existing owner. 




Glad to know that your concern has been addressed, @drex.


Should you require any assistance, feel free to drop us a message. Cheers!