No Internet

Level 2


I recently got my ADSL2+ modem, I have followed all instruction via youtube and emails to set up it. However, when I installed it, all the lights showed but the internet one. It allowed me to connect my phone to the WIFI but did not give me any connections whatsoever. After attempting to install this in, I took the modem out, however, now, my work phone also stopped working, I was able to ring the work number from my personal phone but did not get any rings through the actual work phone. I am very unsure of what is happening as my only work phone is the only way for customers to contact me. The modem did not allow me internet and now has caused issues to my work phone. I'm not sure if it is the cable or the modem. Please help.  

Level 15

What model ADSL modem do you have?

If the DSL light is on, modem has connected to the exchange so the phone line is working.

You could logon to the modem and check the settings for TPG are correct, mainly TPG userid and password.

The modem's userid and password are on a label on the modem.


Do you have a landline phone to check your mobile phones?

On your mobiles, turn off wifi and bluetooth, aeroplane mode is off.