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No internet Adsl2+ old phone socket

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There is No Interent conncection from Last week.

TPG support team send a technician to fixed the issue, just plug an adaptor and test the speed is fine.

But the internet is not stable at all, always down during the raining days. 

Even the remote test the modem router is Not connected to TPG every time.

Then I called TPG many times, they keep saying the work was done, only response for wire from socket to modem. 

They said Not sure any internal wire get damaged, and Not response to fix.

and said I required to hire other private technician to do the job.

TPG is Not liable for any loss or damaged caused by the private technician.


Poor customer service.



Hi @Franky09 


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the report from the technician that visited your site.


Based on the report of the technician, there's no proper socket in the premises when they arrived and noted that one of Rj11 inserts was sitting on the floor where one leg was not properly connected. 


Here's the picture that they've sent us.















Clearly, the technician did not damage your internal wiring, but did make sure that everything is connected properly. However, if there's an issue with the internal wiring, the issue will recur.


To change the wirings and to install a proper socket in your premises, you or the owner of the house needs to hire a private technician as it is already out of our scope.


Please note that internal wiring issues should be handled by the owner of the house/unit.