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No internet after adsl2+ installation

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After tpg said that they had installed our service, we had no internet. A telstra technician came and said that we had no lines installed, even though we had an internet service from another provider right before.

Hi @hieuchau1


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We definitely want to get this resolved for you.


I've searched for your account using your Community details but was unable to find a match. 


Can you please send us a Private Message with your customer ID or username so I can sort out the next steps in resolving this issue for you.




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Before joining tpg, we had an internet connection with another provider. After switching, tpg said that we had no lines and couldn't install. Why is this?

Good day, hieuchau1!


I realize how frustrating that must have been and I'm sorry for the poor experience.


We'd like to have a better understanding of what happened in this instance however, we won't be able to review your account if we don't have your account details with us. For the quickest resolution, please PM us your TPG account details so that I may look through your records to better understand the situation as we're sure that there is an explanation as to why the installation did not push through.



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Thank you, got your private message, hieuchau1!


Based on the account located, the reason why the service was not installed during the first visit was due to lead-in issue and I believe this has already been advised to you by your assigned Case Manager. Though we acknowledge that there was a previous connection and there is an existing line, the technician who visited deemed that the line might be faulty or damaged hence we requested that you hire a private technician to have it sorted.


The Case Manager has already received your confirmation that the lead-in has been fixed and I've seen that another appointment has been set on 26 September 2018 between 8AM - 12PM. Please ensure that you or someone of legal age is present during the visit. 


Should you have further queries, please don't hesitate to respond to the email thread you have with the Case Manager or you may send us a message here. 





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What will the technician do on the day of installation?

Hi hieuchau1


Thanks for your query.

It is required that you or someone else is home during the scheduled installation appointment.

  •     A Telstra contracted technician will attend to your home.
  •     You need to provide clear access to your "Network Boundary Point". For more information, visit
  •     In some cases,  the Telstra technician is able to complete the installation without needing your assistance or contacting you.
  • After the appointment window, you may try to connect your modem or phone handset (using the instructions included with the modem) or call us on 13 14 23 (option 3, and then 1) to find out the status of your installation.

An email has been sent containing all the information about the installation. This was sent to the email addres we have on file. 





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Before signing up to tpg our previous adsl2+ service, Dodo, was working fine. After switching to tpg they said that they couldn't connect us. Why is this?

Hi @hieuchau1, though the lead in issue has been fixed, we are unable to progress the order and provide the service as Telstra needs to upgrade their network.


Please be advised that this network upgrade is beyond TPG's control, thus your order has been withdrawn and our Accounts Team is working on this matter.


We will advise the assigned escalation officer to contact you as soon as a new update becomes available.

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So if I return back to my previous provider, will our service work?