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Over 6 weeks waiting for ADSL2+ connection

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First few weeks were spent getting Landline setup with Telstra... all good.


I've had an active landline for a month now and still no ADSL connection! You've got my landline number. Your support guy says Telstra keeps rejecting your applications. I have to phone up to find this out as your online installation status checker tells me nothing.


I'm sick of dealing with you guys over the phone, can you please tell me what my options are going forward as I seem to be stuck in a reject and resubmit loop with no end result of internet connection.




Hi @cmhackney85,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account and reviewed the case.


We apologise for the delay as the first application that we sent to Telstra was rejected as they weren't able to detect the active line to your premises.


We successfully install thousands of internet and home phone connections each week, however on the odd occasion we do come across line issues which require further action to be taken, we really appreciate your patience and co-operation during this time.


Our service delivery team has resubmitted the order and will provide you updates once available.


Kind regards,