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Please cancel my ADSL service - ****

Level 1a
  1. Hi TPG,

    I have switched to another provider and I need to cancel my ADSL account *** ASAP. Please dont get anyone to call me, Please just action immediately my cancellation request and let me know once done via email to me ASAP.

  2. Please take this message as a written notice to authorize you to terminate my ADSL service ASAP. I cannot find any your contact email address for canceling service in TPG website.





Hi @Jamesasui


Sorry to hear that you've decided to cancel your service with us. 


I've edited your post due to security reason. 


I've now raised this case to our Accounts Team and has requested to send you an email (on the email address we have on file) regarding the cancellation of your account. 


We hope we can welcome you back to TPG again in future.