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Hi there, we currently have ADSL2 with you and we wish to relocate this service to our new residence. The residence address is:
**************. This service can be connected anytime from now onwards, but I will be in contact when we wish to terminate the connection at our current residence as we don’t know that date as yet. Pls contact me regarding the best way to organise this. Thanks


Hi @5909019 


The easiest way to relocate your service is from our website. Please see the link below for instructions.


Please see the link below regarding the fees for relocating your service.




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I am going to suggets do not do it through the online form.


I did this a few months ago - about a week out from moving. At no point in the process did it ask when I needed the connection established. I phoned up to enquire and they said once it is in the system they cannot stop it.


They dropped my connection at my current address and connected at the place I didn't even have keys for yet. Without internet for a week while moving. Hopefully they took onboard my scathing feedback and fixed it.

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I was charged my address
My new address