Still waiting for connection

Level 2
Signed up for ADSL+ on 13/04 and payment has been processed. Still haven’t heard from technician regarding setup. Quite frustrating, especially as we are working from home. Tried online chat multiple times today- managed to get through once. Was transferred twice before the staff member tried transferring the chat a third time to a different department. No response from the other department and chat was ended. Just need to know when we will be connected.
Level 3
You're going to be waiting for a bit, I signed up 7/04 and I haven't been connected. I've seen posts from people here that have signed up in March that still don't have a connection.

The only update I can get is they are waiting for Telstra. I understand under the current situation that delays are inevitable but I'm disappointed in the lack of transparency in updates from TPG/Telstra.

I'm working from home and having to pay for a temporary 4G solution so I can WFH, I've already spent $140 on data and a 4G USB modem.

I've been told to expect an SMS/email for a technician appointment this week, I'm not holding my breath.
Level 2
Are you online yet?

I've been waiting for 4 weeks myself...
Level 2
I was told the same thing and TPG kept putting the blame on Telstra

I called Telstra today and they said all their technicians were previously in quarantine and not doing any installations. TPG should have told ppl this before signing them up. There is going to be a massive backlog. Therefore I cancelled TPG and moved to Telstra

Suggest you do the same if you want internet anytime soon