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Technician did not show up for installation

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My appointment was booked for today 29/05/2018 for which I was reminded by TPG a thousand times. I took a day off from work for this to be done in my presence. The whole day passed and nobody appeared. Do you guys have any courtesy to inform others in advance that you can't come on that day or so. Now you will rescheduling the appointment and expecting me to take a day off again from work....????
Dear TPG install my internet service otherwise i will find another company and lodge a compaint in TIO to refund my installation fees.

Thank you for your valuable time and for wasting my time.

Hi @Kishan105945,


Welcome to the TPG Community!


As you may be aware, we will deliver your service to the network boundary point of your Premises. This network boundary point is either:


  • Your first telephone socket - this applies mainly for standalone premises like a house
  • The Main Distribution Frame (MDF). This is a small telecommunications room within your premises. This applies mainly for apartments, office blocks or larger business premises. In some cases, you may need to contact your building management to arrange access to it. You should not rely on our contractors to have a key to this room
  • A network termination device which is a Telstra box externally mounted a single dwelling

In your case, it's the Main Distribution Frame (MDF). TPG is responsible to deliver the service to the first side of the MDF (the 'A' side). Any wiring that is missing to connect to the other side of the MDF (the 'B' side) and into the building is the customer's responsibility and requires a technician. TPG can arrange for a field service technician to do this for you for an additional charge.

We can see that your service has been installed on 24/May/2018, however, we have identified that an additional work need to be done.

Our Engineering Team has discussed the MDF Jumpering and we have booked a TPG TTF for this to be completed. The TPG TTF came out, but was unable to complete the job as it requires a Telstra technician.

That being said, we have coordinated with our wholesale partner-Telstra and they have booked a technician anytime between now and 01/Jun/2018. As advised, your attendance is no longer require during this technician visit.


We apologise for the inconvenience this issue is causing you. We have chased this matter with our Engineering Team to check if a Telstra Technician can be dispatched today and the case engineer will contact you as soon as new updates become available.

We have also escalated this to our Complaints Resolution Team to ensure that this case will be prioritised. The Complaints Resolution Case Manager will be in touch via SMS or a phone call to further discuss the matter.

Should you need further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.