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Waiting 23 Days+ for ADSL2+ Connection in Sydney

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I have been waiting for 23+ days to have the simple task of ADSL2+ connected in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

I made my initial request on 09/07/19.

I was informed a technician would attend on 23/07/19 to connect the service and I was required to stay home from work all day to wait for them.

No one turned up, and no one informed me of anything.

I asked what had happened and they stated there was an exchange issue.

Since then it has been 9 days and there has still not been any form of update of any kind. Whenever I contact them, they tell me they will call me in 48 hours, but they obviously never do that. They do not respond to emails.


This experience also involves multiple calls to extremely rude staff members who are allegedly employed to handle customer relations and provide customer service. Some have been so rude and unhelpful that I actually made a formal complaint against them. Their "service" included gross misjudgements against their own customer service policy, stating I was a 'new customer' due to having to change my username (due to changing address and subsequently changing from NBN to ADSL2+, I have actually been a customer for over 7 years!?!?!?!), and their "resolution advice" of asking me to do their job for them by contacting one of their contractors, and telling me I should change providers. Not sure how that is going to help me get my internet turned on - thats all I want.


Still to this day no resolution or update has been provided.



Hi @dk21


We understand the importance of your service. However, as you are aware we rely on Telstra in resolving this delay in your service installation. The standard installation time frame that they've provided us is 10 to 20 working days, and today is the 18th working day.


Your case manager was trying to call you earlier today to no avail. They would like to inform you that the issue within the Telstra Exchange is still not fixed, which may cause further delays with the installation of your service.


If you would like to discuss this further, you may send me a PM or DM us on twitter with your preferred time and best number to be contacted.


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.




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Yes @BasilDV I got the voicemail. I missed the call because I am at work - the same work I was required to miss an entire day of on the 23rd when I was told by TPG to be home, yet no technician turned up and it was a complete waste of time... I note it has been 9 working days since the apparent Telstra exchange issue - why is there no update or resolution? Why is the Telstra website stating there is no outages or issues in the are?


So does that mean it will be 100% completed by next Tuesday (which will be the 20th working day)?

What happens if it is not completed by then and is completed outside of this time, seeing as though you are relying on it so heavily?



Hi @dk21,


The issue within Telstra's exchange may not affect the whole area, which is why it is not listed as an outage.


As of the moment, there's no ETR that was given to us.


We've asked the team working on this case to actively manage the connection process and to continue applying pressure to Telstra to get as much information as possible regarding this issue.


We will continue to push for a resolution with them and you will be updated as soon as we have additional information. In the meantime, if you have any further enquiries or require general information on the matter, contact us here and we'll be sure to get this coordinated for you.


Kind regards,


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@BasilDV So what happens if it is outside of 20 working days?

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@BasilDV and I was told it was a health and safety issue affecting the whole area?

Strange how it seems to be only me - my friend who is with Telstra in Coogee has no issues with his internet, plus the website says there is no issue.. it was 9 days ago.. how can this be?




Your case manager will be the one to discuss this further for you.


You may respond to his email or contact him on his direct number.


As advised, the issue within Telstra's exchange may not affect the whole area. No further updates were given to us, but your case manager is closely monitoring the account and will be in touch once an update is available.




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Hi dk21,

I have absolutely identical situation trying to relocate me internet connection (within same suburb, 2 streets apart!). This adventure eventually starts on 28/06/19 – when I place my request to complete relocations by 12/07/19. Twice appointment was set and nobody show up, TPG using the same excuse – work overload or OH&S issues for Telstra technicians. No progress, no compensation. Not happy at all!!



Level 3



When will the internet be connected?


I still have not had any informative contact from anyone regarding an update or any estimate of timing?


It has now been 13 days since the first technician appointment wherein I was required to stay at home, where no one turned up, and 27 days since my initial moving home request... 


The terrible customer service continues, trying to shift blame and providing zero progress updates - not sure what is going on, but these durations are ridiculous and also considering the expense, stress and inconvenient situations this put TPG customers in - having to pay for alternative mobile internet and having to sacrifice work due to no internet connection for months.....


Hi @dk21,


We'll chase this with our Service delivery team and have your case manager to contact you within the day to provide updates with the relocation order.