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getting beyond a joke, installation ADSL2+

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basically this, moved address, can't get the NBN cause reasons, unit one door down from me can get it, i can't, so settle for ADSL2+, move to new place, ask to fast track it as i have several mental health disorders and a working internet connection helps when i have a panic/anxiety attack so i can redirect them to some degree, get a date/time of installation for today, 29th of Nov, wait the amount of time, get a call saying the installation is complete but tests are saying no line signal.... and i would now have to wait for a tech to come out, rang up and get told they were unable to contact the tech with my contract and that a message had been left i would get a call today, it is now 8:35pm, as i type this, and guess what? NO CALL!, i have paid for this connection, i even say TPG are an amazing company to recommend them to ppl who can get the NBN, i have been a customer on the NBN, and before that on ADSL2+, for a combined sum of nearly 9 and a half years, and i'm starting to regret recommending to people to actually deal with TPG, so first off:


WHEN will a tech be out to sort out this mess?

WHAT can be done about it in the mean time? i'm spending vast amounts of money on a WiFi dongle just to be able to manage my disorder, and i can't keep this up, not to mention this dongle is on loan, it isn't mine, and i'am chewing up data, i NEED this connection.


could TPG offer to send me a WiFi modem to cover me until this matter is resolved? or are you able to get someone out to me in a more resonable time frame? i paid for my connection over 2 weeks ago now, and even asking for it to be marked as "urgent" it still took far longer than it should have, i guess TPG doesn't take mental health very seriously? take my money and go "HAHAH, now you get to wait, hope you don't kill yourself."


and yes, if it wasn't obvious to you at this point, i'm not having a fun time dealing with this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respond in a prompt manner...


Hi @lordsolgath,


Welcome to the community!


NBN roll out date/availability is determined by NBN Co, I confirmed that TPG-NBN is not yet available in your area, if you want to know the estimated NBN roll out time frame in your area you may visit

I was able to locate your account using your community details and seen that this has been raised to our Engineering Team as your service needs an MDF jumpering.

If you wish to know more about MDF Jumpering you can visit this thread. TPG and MDF Jumpering a little confused

We apologise for any inconvenience, I've seen that you have been in contact with one of our Engineers. One of our Field Technicians will contact you to provide the earlier technician visit.

I will chase this up with them, make a follow up; we'll keep an eye on this and prioritize this case.


Level 1b

thank you for reply as fast as you have, i appreciate having a tech come out fast as he did and my internet is all sorted, i'm back online, i feel appreciated as a long time customer.


i also checked that NBN link above, the address where i live is listed in the purple area but says "more work required" so not totally misleading or anything, there is also an NBN box on the side of the unit complex that the tech who fixed my ADSL2+ said is NBN related... so i'm rather confused on that point.


You're always welcome, @lordsolgath I am glad to see that your service is now working and connected for 2h 54m. There is a possibility that the copper wire in your area is currently being upgraded/prepared by NBN Co. For the service to be rolled out.

Let me know should you require further assistance.