nbn installation

Level 1c

pre ordered nbn bundle on 25/04/18 with assurance excisting number to be ported.

have just been notified of installation date, and guess what- new phone number was assigned and apparantly can not be changed till installation is complete.and then I have to request the change

how much notice does tpg need to get it done correctly?


Hi @johnS,


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We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We will certainly be reviewing your recent interactions with us in our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer service.

I was able to locate your account using your community details and seen that you have been in contact with one of our Account Specialists and discussed details about what happened on your initial porting request.


Our Account Specialists Team escalated this for further investigation. Updates will be provided within 24-48hrs.


Level 1c

yes,have been in contact with customer service and a solution has been outlined /explained to me.

so can only wait for it to actually? happen


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this now borders on the rediculess  have been assigned two numbers but not my old number,after sending in account details of old number and beeing assured all is ok to port my existing number.

had numerous e-mails and phone calls, just to be told that I now have to contact telstra to ask for written information that phone is still active- all you have to do is call the number to ckeck that number is active.

what do you think telstrsa will do when ask for this info, most likely cancell it.

thanks a lot




Hi @johnS, we'd like to help in getting your phone number ported to TPG, but our system shows that it is no longer active, thus we were unable to do so.


As advised by one of our account specialists, you need to get a written confirmation from Telstra that the phone number is still active.


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.


Level 1c

you may have a good look at your system that indicates that my old number is no longer active,

have just sent an e-mail(from telstra) confirming that it still is.

my feeling is you could not be bothered to check



We have made a follow up with our Accounts Team and forwarded your message, @johnS.


The assigned account specialist will be in touch as soon as a new update becomes available.