ADSL Cancellation

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I received an email from you stating that my adsl service would be disconnected on the 12th of November due to the copper being disconnected. I now realise I was billed on 11th of November which I believe shouldn't have happened given the contract begins on the 17th. I am concerned I am going to be billed again. 


I would like to keep my pop3 email account, but I no longer have a need for the adsl at this time ( I haven't been using it for months anyway due to line issues inside the house).


I've attached a copy the original email explaining the copper disconnection.



Hi @_ben


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Since you need to keep the POP3 mail account, you have the option to apply for email only account.

In order to process this, please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted by our Accounts team.