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ADSL Service Cancell

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I would like to cancel my ADSL Internet service as I have moved on to NBN with another provider.


I did try 13-14-23 but unsuccessful to get someone on the line.


I sent email to on Wed 22 Apr 2020. Nothing in return apart from auto-replied email.


I decided to use "Chat with Billing and Customer Service" option on TPG website on Sun 26 Apr 2020. After providing all my detail to Don but he couldn't help as he's working in billing team. But he's kind enough to provide me with the process which is a matter of sending email to


I did send email on the same day with the template provided by Don on 26/04/2020. I received, once again, auto-replied email stating "

Your enquiry is important to us and we will respond to your email as soon as possible. Please note at this time this may take up to several days.


Your service will remain active and your cancellation should not be considered completed until we confirm to you via email. Any billing adjustment as part of your cancellation will take into account the date you made your request."


As of today, 29 Apr 2020, I have not heard anything back. I do realise about the COVID-19 situation, your workforce might be impacted.


Can I please have some update as it's been a week now from my first attempt to contact TPG Customer Service?







Hi @chinnawo 


Welcome to TPG Community! Please PM me your TPG username, CID or mobile phone number so I can look at your service.

kind regards