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ADSL Service Cancellation

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I am the account holder of an exisitng ADSL service, that I had originally paid for for my son. The billing had been changed quite sometime ago which sees monthly billing debited from my son's account (see email extract at bottom of this message).


Recently he has moved and when he attempted to cancel the exisitng adsl service (for which) per above he is billed monthly he was advised that the original account holder (myself) needs to give the authority/approval to cancel.


I've sat on the phone a number of times for lenghty periods of time without speaking to anyone to request this to be cancelled.


This should be an simple process and not require interaction, rather online with relevant details.


I don't have the time to waste waiting in a queue to get this actioned.


Please advise of the easiest way this can be completed


Below is the latest email my son received (he had changed his banking details) recently.


From: "TPG Internet" <>
Date: 12 June 2019 at 6:45:21 am AEST
Subject: Credit Card Debit Rejected

Dear Customer,

We recently attempted to debit your credit card for $xx.99     however
unfortunately this was declined by the bank. Please note that as TPG
services are paid in advance, your service may be suspended if payment
is not received before your billing cycle renewal.

If your credit card details have recently changed, you may update your
credit card information securely at
To ensure your credit card details remain secure, please do not respond
to this email with credit card information.

If you would like us to attempt the debit again, you may retry the payment

If you have any queries, please contact TPG Customer Service on 13 14 23
(option 3) or visit our Support page at


TPG Internet


Reference: xxxxxx xxxxxx                                                 


If this can be arranged would be much appreicated.



Hi @gsteel25 ,


Welcome to the community!

We are sad to know you are considering cancelling your service with us. We are able to locate your account using your given details. Feel free to PM us your best contact number and preferred time, we'll have one of our Accont Specialists contact you.

In case you need a reference:

How do I private message (PM) in the community




Hi @gsteel25, we have arranged an account specialist to contact you between 2PM and 5PM Victoria time today to address this concern.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via PM. Thank you.


HI @gsteel25


We've seen that you have been in contact with one of our Account Specialists and advised details about the account status. Let us know should you require further assistance.