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NBN cable phone line not receiving Optus mobile calls

Level 1b
We changed from Optus to tpg cable internet and home phone when we joined the nbn a few weeks ago. Our home number was ported from Optus to tpg. The internet is working very well. When we try to ring our home phone using our Optus mobile phones, we get a message saying that the number is disconnected. When we call the home phone from other landlines or mobile phones from non-Optus providers, the call connects easily. Thus is a very frustrating problem! Optus says that it has nothing to do with them.

Hi @Meganfrance


Welcome to the Community! 


We're sorry to learn that you are having difficulties with the homephone service. I've found your account using your Community details and have seen that the issue is now raised to our Engineering Team and is currently investigated. 


I'll ensure to provide you updates as soon as it becomes available. 


We apologise for the inconvenience caused. 






Hi @Meganfrance


I've since checked the status of the raised fault to our Engineering team and have seen that the homephone issue is now fixed.


Despite the setback, we hope the resolution has helped in making the experience with TPG a bit better. 


Should you require any assistance, you may reach out to us again or you may check out our self-help options located here: