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Absolutely ridiculous customer service

Level 2

Fed up with the service TPG has provided me since being with them (almost 3 years - not sure why we are still with them). 


On creating our internet account - we pre registered for NBN and due to our residence not being ready were sold an ADSL 2 package and promised NBN would be connected once ready. 2 years later, NBN was ready and we thought as promised, it would be an easy swap from ADSL 2+ to NBN. Boy were we wrong. 


A second account was created for us without the current account being cancelled and we continued to be billed for ADSL 2 while the NBN account accrued an amount of nearly $300. When contacted to cancel the service we no longer needed, TPG cancelled our NBN service instead of ADSL 2+ and now we are stuck with a $300 bill for early cancellation and NO internet.

I am going to take this to fair trading and request that we are released from this contract due to how this has been handled. We shouldn't have to pay or wait for internet to be reconnected due to a fault not of our own.


TPG - Lift your game!!!


Hi @pthevarajah 


I have passed this concern onto our Senior accounts team to have a look at for you.

Someone will call you back ASAP within 24hrs to help resolve this for you.