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Account Authorisation Permission and Upgrade to NBN

Level 2


I have a dial up account and a maintained email address. They were both in my name but were put in my mothers name when i moved overseas. I am now back on the dial up account but for some reason we can not get me back on the email account. After numerous phone calls back and forth with many different responses we can not get these accounts combined and upgraded to NBN. If i didn't value the email address i would of given up long ago, can anyone help?

Level 2

So update, they have no cancelled the dial up but i have an email address but no access to NBN


Hi @DeanoBravo


I can confirm that the email is indeed active. 


Furthermore, based on the account located using your Community details, it appears that your address is NBN serviceable. 


The NBN service we can provide you is the NBN Fibre to the Node.

Our best NBN bundle deal at present is our Unlimited Data Plan configured on the Fast NBN50 speed tier. We are literally selling hundreds of these plans each day as they provide:

1. Unlimited data with a Typical Evening Speed of 46Mbps which is great for multiple users at the same time, HD streaming and gaming.
2. Home phone is included so you can bring across your existing number if you have one.
3. A great Dual Band AC WiFi modem is included
4. Standard installation costs of $99 can be waived when taking an 18 month contract

This plan is only $69.99 per month.


If you are pertaining to another address other than the once associated to the email account, please do send it via private message so we can check the availability.