Account cancellation

Level 1
Hi there, I have moved houses and would like to cancel my TPG account, as my new house already have an internet service I’ll no longer need it.
I have been trying to cancel my account for the last two weeks, must do it urgently.
Level 2
How do I cancel my account I can’t get online support or phone anyone can I go to my bank and stop payments!!!!
Level 2
Can anyone phone me or email me please re account cancellation or do I go to the bank and stop TPG payments
Level 3

Guys, you are forgeting it is hard now because of the situation. I suggest you to access your account and update your credit card details by leavining in blank?

Level 3
I have same problem! I am going to bank to stop payments. It is the only way. I am no longer in a contract, are you?
Level 3
What a good idea, will do this!
Level 2
We’re you able to get disconnected? Apparently if you do direct debit you have to get a whole new card 😔
Level 2

I know its a difficult time, but it has been impossible to contact TPG for any assistance over the past couple of weeks. I've been attempting to get information about a recent internet installation for my elderly father who just moved ino a aged care facility, and although I have a message saying all is installed succesfuly, my father still no internet service, nor phone service for that matter. Numerous attempts to phone TPG is met with an automated message saying "thanks for bearing with us during this time", and then you get told to log on-line to Tech Support before getting cut off. Then you log on to Tech Support and type in a message about your problem, and then you get a message that they're dealing with other customers and try again later, a message you get no matter what hour you try and log on. Meanwhile, my father is paying for no service. I mean, you'd think they'd closed up shop. Beyond hopeless service and support, I'm sorry. 

Level 3

Be patient, sometimes takes over an hour. Here are some tips for online chat.

Try early in the morning. I mean early!,

Keep clicking on "Start Chat" until something changes in the screen. You will notice that there is a message telling you

"At the moment our team members are assisting other customers. Thank you for waiting."

it also from time to time, if you observe, that line message changes to "you are (number 73) in the line" or something like that. so just wait be patient. It may take a long time but eventually you get there.

Also try the phone, some departments will just hung up, but if you try this when asked, tpg phone number, then extension 3, 1, 3, 1

try that




Level 2

I have tried now, not possible