Account cancellation

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Wow, my previous message from yesterday was deleted!

Email to cancel your service

I got it after 2 days trying to talk to an account specialist.


The other option is to cancell your credit card with the recurring payment and get a new one in 5 working days.

Worst service ever, I will keep screen shots this time.


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I just reached out account specialist via chat support. Here is the official information from TPG for cancellation.

Provide 30 days notice.
You are required to provide written notice for cancellation to proceed. Kindly send an email to .
The cancellation request will be processed and confirmed to you once this email is received.
Account will remain active and billing will continue until cancellation is finalized.


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I have also been trying to cancel my service for 4 days, with absolutely no result. I emailed on March 30 and have received no response. Every time I connect with a consutlant on the chat they tell me I will be connected to the relevent service branch and to stay online, I wait the entire day 3 times and nothing happens. Not good enough.

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Absolutely appalling customer service.

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I used another spare bank account with $1 balance in it, this bank account has a master debit card linked to it, I updated my tpg auto debit payment to point to this card.  Their online system verified my master card and deducted $1 from my bank acct.  Then today i physically went to my bank and closed my bank acct together with the associated master card.  I will wait till end of the month, then i will go back to my bank or re-open my bank account.  At the mean time, I received an autoreply from tpg after i sent an email request to them to close my account, there was then another email saying they would contact me in 24 hours but nothing.  I emailed 4 times to their email address, got auto reply twice, then received nothing else. *I am not on a plan*

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Such bad customer service. They always say they will ask the Account officer will contact and close the chat. I am going to reach NSW Fairtrading/ Telecommunication Ombudsman. Here are some useful links. It will be good if we all could collectively approach TIO or fairtrading.

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Please cancel ASAP
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I ended up cancelling my card because of this.

Screw you TPG, terrible customer service

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You must work for tpg cos what you said is bs
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So far I've chatting to the tech (about 3 lines) he then 'transfers' me to another department

as of yet I've been waiting over 1 hour and 10 minutes since the 1st chat began, this is not accounting for the 50 minutes waiting to be connected to a tech!!


cancelling process here I come!!