Account cancellation

Level 2

I tried using my account online but had forgotten my password so tried to redo and it comes up with an error and says to contact TPG on their phone number which tells me to use the online chat which I've been trying to use for the past month without success. I've been as patient as I can be but the customer service sucks at the moment. I have just sent them an email requesting cancellation but have no record that I tried to cancel using their sucky online chat nor the numerous phone calls I made trying to get through to someone, anyone. I don't care if I have a bad credit history if I get rid of the credit card, it will be worth it to get away from this monstrous company.

Level 3
Yes, I agree and this is exactly what I have experienced for weeks and have not even been able to begin my service with them but am locked into their contract.

I would be okay with it all if I could reach someone via any medium and they simply let me know I am on their list and in their cue but even this isn't's literally like they've closed completely and just have robotic messages covering basic responses (i.e. we can't attend to you)...and that's it.