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An open letter of feedback - because they don't have an email address to contact

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Hi just some feedback. Just to preface this, at no point did the operator or myself raise our voices.
I am planning a move to a new address. When I called up to ask about how to move my internet plan, the salesperson was very convincing at getting me to also sign up for a mobile phone plan.
I was very much on the fence, but he insisted I try it. So eventually I agreed.
But the next day I wanted to think about it some more before I did the move to a new mobile plan. I also realised he had sold me on the fact the plan support 5G, yet when I checked over the actually terms - it did not.
I called up support again less than 24 hours later, and asked to cancel this new mobile port. The person I got was very unprofessional. He used the word “probably” a number of times when I asked about if I could cancel the account. He keep saying it was hard (the impression I got was "impossible") because the account was in the process of taking a payment. He tried to make this out to be a reason I could not cancel. He suggested I go through with it anyway and try it, and then cancel afterwards if I didn't like it.
He then tried to convince me to keep the plan a number of times further. Eventually saying that in order to cancel the plan he’d need to transfer me to another department, but that department was only available Mon-Friday 8am - 9pm.
I was making this call at 7:30pm on a Friday. So I confirmed to him, “you said that department is open until 9pm right?” And he said in a frustrated tone, “Yes only until 9pm”. So I said "well wait, it's currently 7:30pm on a Friday here .. aren’t they still open?”
He paused and begrudgingly agreed, that yes they are still open. After asking me am I really sure I want to be transferred, I said Yes.. Not a great experience thus far.
After the transfer the next person again tried their hardest to get me to not cancel. He then went on to say he couldn’t cancel it immediately, it would take a day or 2, and I might receive the SIM card anyway. .. so I might as well try it out. Again, I was firm .. No, I do not want to try it out. I wish to cancel.
At last the person agreed to let me cancel, and put me on hold. When he came back on, his mannerism was extremely dejected. He mumbled “Is that all I can help you with?” And before I had finished saying “No thanks, that was all” he’d already hung up on me.
This experience is EXACTLY the kind of thing that I was worried about, when changing over from Telstra. The longer it went on just cemented my feeling that this was a huge mistake. And any thoughts I genuinely had of “I’ll think about changing over properly, when I have the time” have vanished.

Hi @supersam 


Let us take this opportunity to turn around your experience and better understand the situation. Could you shoot us a PM with your details so we can conduct an investigation?


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PAS DE MAIL.   TPG support mobile est injoignable par mail (mail not dellivered NE RECOIT PLUS LES MAILS ?


ma carte est muette et je ne peux donc  pas recevoir le sms de confirmation...pour un nouveau mot de passe...

Il semblerait (dixit assistante qui confond mai et juin) que mon paiement mensuel par debit direct ait été reporté au 5 juin alors que sur ma banque il est en cours CE  26 mai à la meme date que tous les autres mois. Lássistante m'a annoncé sans ménagement que  ma connection était interrompue faute de paiement. Et le chat a également ete interrompu brutalement. Merci TPG.  Pour un operateur dit de qualite tout ca est insupportable, incomprehensible et desesperant. 2 jours de perdus...