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Billed but no installation yet

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My credit card has been billed and charged the full monthly amount when I signed up for NBN. Problem is Signing up and scheduled installment date is almost 3 weeks apart (I signed up 12 Dec, paid full monthly on 12 dec + delivery fee of modem, but NBN installation will only be coming on the 29 Dec)


So my question is this a normal practice? I don't see why I should be charged yet until my installation is done and service starts on the 29 Dec? Or will by billing cycle be rolled over to the 29 Dec once actual service starts?




Hi @skarta610 


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TPG is a prepaid service; your initial payment is comprised of an installation fee and your 1st month fee. By operating this way we are able to keep costs down to continue offering the best value deals possible to our customers. The installation process begins as soon as we receive these specified funds from the customer.


The given installation date is the earliest that can be provided by NBN Co due to the number of jobs and number of technicians available in the area.


The billing cycle will start once the service is activated.



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Thanks for the response.


I signed up for a $0 set-up fee 6 months contract, $59.99/month + $10 modem delivery. I was charged $69.99 on the first day of sign up.


I understand TPG is a prepaid service, but it will be almost 3 weeks before receiving the service. As long as the billing cycle resets on the 29 Dec and will only be charge again on the 28Jan (Not on the 11Jan (T -1 sign up date)) for the monthly payment I am fine with that.


Can you provide guidance if this is the case?