Level 2
Level 2

I cancelled my NBN on 13/04/2023 ( Plan ended on 19/04/2023) - TPG charged me an extra $69.99.

I called representative of TPG she said oh yes sorry , we will reverse that. Please give me new credir card details as the old card details have been cancelled.  TPG now have charged me $1 ??? on my credit card and another bunch of charges minus and plus on account.  But still NO REFUND on the $69.99 or $1 extra charges.  Now another representative tells me its a 30 day notification to cancel. So why LIE ask for new credit card details and charge my account $1.  Seems like TPG is scamming people and have fraudulent represenatives who know nothing and just LIE.

I will lodge a complaint with Fair Trading - Ombudsman - Take out a social media program and informa as many people of TPG Fraudulent and misleading SCAMS regarding Cancellations and taking credit card details under false pretences.

TPG will lose way more customers both existing and new after I inform every one of there untrustworthy and decietful practices..TPG = SCAM - LEAVE NOW - GO TO A BETTER PROVIDER


Hi @TJ 


We'd like to raise this further with our Escalations team and have this investigated.


Kindly send us a private message with your account details.