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Can't make calls

Level 3

PAYG plan. For many years, TPG was charging my credit card as soon as my balance fell below $10. A month ago, I could not make any calls. I spoke to TPG and was told my balance was 0. It was very strange. They charged me $20 and told there won't be any problem. 

However, when I try making calls, their system sends me a message that I don't have sufficient funds. This is wrong because my balance is $20. They also blocked my access to my account information. 

I reported this issue again via email and then on this website, no one replied or fixed it. 


Hi @elesh,


By default, everyone’s Prepaid Balance is $0. You can choose to add more Prepaid Balance at any time, or you can choose not to ever keep any Prepaid Balance on your account.


Please send us a private message and we'd be happy to check your account and get it sorted.