Cancel my service

Level 2
Been trying to sort NBN issues since the 7th of this month, constantly on hold for literally hour+at a time and told over and over my order wasn't processed. It has impacted my immigration application at this point.
I have been with TPG for almost 2 yrs and did not expect so many issues with this move. Finally switched to another (already have service) call to cancel, get sent from 1 person to another just to be told sorry to lose you but you have to do this online, I'll send you a link (NO link recieved). Find it myself, order the cancel and Not 4 hours later I suddenly have my order processed. No thank you, cancel. I expect no charges and want this cancel back dated to the 7th when I moved and no longer had service. I will gladly send back the modem as it is boxed up nicely for return.
Thank you for the service provided before hand but what a disappointment and lack of care since the beginning of the month.

Hi @Matautia81


We regret to read that you've decided to terminate your service with us.


The cancellation of your service is in progress and further updates will be provided by your case manager via Email or phone call.


Thank you.