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Cancellation of my current NBN broadband SL bundle standard package

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Hello there, 


I’m off contract for over one year. I am considering a switch to another provider due to the frequent drop-off issues. Now I request a cancellation of my current NBN broadband SL bundle standard package. I’ve fully understood TPG’s 30 day notice terms & conditions. Hopefully some TPG specialist can help me with that. Any quick response or assistance will be appreciated. Thanks. 




Hi @kailai1984 


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We regret to hear that you no longer wish to stay with us.


I reviewed your case and from what I gathered, it appears that the dropouts are coming from the NBN NTD box which will eventually need to be checked by NBNCo if still persisting since the issue is within the NBN network. Nonetheless, I can see that this has been raised to our Escalations Team yesterday when you contacted us.


Please expect a call between 2-3PM VIC from an Escalations Officer regarding your request to cancel your account.




Level 1c

Thanks a lot for your quick reply, Will. The drop-off actually happens randomly almost everyday and has been existing for a long time. I do the internet research and find I am not alone. As a long-term loyal TPG user, I really appreciate the service they provided and the efforts they made. But this time I just want to move on and give another nbn provider a consideration.  BTW, I’m just wondering if there is any official portal to submit an online cancellation application. If you could give me an active link to do so, Or can the specialist contact me via my personal email? I think that will be much better and easier for both sides of us. Thank you.



Hi @kailai1984 


I can see that the Escalation Officer has tried to call you earlier but they were unable to reach you. And it appears that you have already replied to their email. Please wait for their response. I'm afraid that they can only speak to the account holder regarding the cancellation request. If that would be the case, then, they'll send you another email.