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Hi Tpg,
I had been with Tpg for nearly 5 years. Unfortunately from last 3 weeks there had been no internet and your support or technical team couldn’t fix. They were saying Telstra technician was due to fix by 26 January and later said by 6th February. I had no other option but to change provider. On speaking to your customer support they inform me I have to send a cancellation email which I did. Also when I asked for a refund she informs that once cancelled you can’t process. What sort of company are you ?

Hi @Imtiaz,


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We are sorry to know that you're considering calling your service due to the technical issue you've had. We're able to locate your account using your community details and seen that one of our Account Specialists advised you the details of the cancellation.

We have not yet received the email cancellation request from the e-mail address associated on your account. I would like to arrange a call from one of our Senior Account specialists to clarify the refund to your account.


Please be advised that refunds will be subject for investigation depending on the usage of your service on the current billing cycle.

Feel free to PM me your best contact number and preferred time. In case you need a reference:

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Hi @Shane,
Hi Shane. Thank you for the reply. I already sent an email to as your support staff informed me. I don’t want to attach the copy of Emil here or I can send proof if you provide another email. On the billing aspect , you had already billed me this last month in full for the days it had not been working. Thanks


Thanks for the details @Imtiaz,


I will pass this to our Account Specialists Team for reference and request for urgent handling. Feedback will be provided tomorrow.