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Cancelled my TPG NBN service but got a surprise bill

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I have called TPG to cancel my NBN service today (7/3/2024), told have to give 30 days notice and i have to pay for this 30days.( no worries). so on phone Ive been told the service will be finished on 6/4/2024 and will be another $2 plus charge based on my circumstances.( outside a  contract).


At the end of the day Ive got an email from tpg

NBN Cancellation Request Received

Dear Customer,

We received a notice from NBN that you have requested to transfer your NBN service to another provider.

We are sorry to see you go. If you did not request or authorise to transfer your NBN service, please call us on 1300 993 011 immediately to reverse the transfer.

If you are outside a contract, a 30-day notice period applies to the cancellation of your service which is payable even if your NBN cancellation is completed earlier than 30 days.

If you are inside a contract, an early termination fee applies as you had agreed to take the service for a minimum contract period. The early termination fee is 50% of the monthly charges between the date of cancellation and the end of the contract period, up to a maximum of $350.

Below are the details of your NBN service cancellation:
Customer IDXXXXX
Cancellation date6/4/2024
Cost for service during 30 day notice period$72.57
Early termination fee$0.00
Less paid-up credit on current service$0.00
Total amount to be debited$72.57

If you are transferring (porting) your phone number, please ensure that your new provider completes the number porting within 30 days.

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my last invoice

Tax Invoice Display
TPG Internet Pty Ltd ABN 15 068 383 737
65 Waterloo Rd, MACQUARIE PARK, NSW, 2113
Tax Invoice: I330816032
Date Raised: 2024-02-29
Ref Date Raised Amount GST 
2024-02-29  74.99 6.82 
  NBN FTTC SL Bundle Fast 
  Package Period 07/03/2024 to 06/04/2024 
  renewal: username: 
$74.99 $6.82 



as the invoice shows I already paid my NBN plan up to 6/4/2024, this is the same day as my service cancelled. So what is this new $72.57 for?

could anyone explain this for me?



Hi @mkwrx, please send us a private message with your details and we'll take a closer look into your account

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Thanks for the reply.Called TPG customer service billing team. Told me will refund that $72.57 next week. By end of the next week if problem couldn’t get resolved I will get back to you.

Alright. Have a good day!