Cancelling NBN

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Finally after 5 tries I received a reply from that they have received my cancellation request. I just find it strange why it should take this many attempts to get a reply.

I have been with TPG for almost 6 years and have been out of contract for a long time, but why am I being forced to tick the statement below:

If you are outside contract, a 30 day notice applies, even if your requested Service Cancellation Date is earlier than 30 days.

I'm already paid till 1 May 2022, but a 30 day notice will fall on 9 May 2022, so am I going to be charged another month before my service is cancelled? 



Hi @Bojun


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When submitting a cancellation request via My Account, you must agree to all the terms to proceed. Though you have made a payment a month in advance, the system will still compute the notice fee. It does not mean that you'll be recharged for it, the 30-day notice will start from the date your request is received.


Let me know if you need more assistance.