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Cant reach sim activation page from internet account

Level 2
Hello team,

I'm having trouble activating the sim card.

When I login to my tpg account it just shows my regular internet related stuffs.

Also when i click on the Manage other services link it takes me out of the account and shows me to login again as shown below.


Comes Up with an error login when using mobile number/customer ID as user name. Only works with my regular user name.

Tried login with a different browser/computer doesn't work at all.

Please do the needful.

Thank you

Hi @sasoorya7,

You may refer to this article on how to activate your SIM: How to Activate Your TPG Mobile Sim Card


Please use your Account number or TPG mobile number in logging in to your online account. 


Important Reminder:


  • You have 120 days from the SIM dispatch date to activate your TPG SIM.
  • Non-activation of TPG SIM within this timeframe will trigger our system to withdraw the order.


For further assistance, kindly send your TPG account details via private message so we can locate your account and check the activation progress.