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Change of plan - website broken

Level 2

We have tried to upgrade our plan through the website "Change Plan" option but when attempting to enter and validate an address, encounter an error. Have tried this in both Chrome and IE browsers, and it's the same problem. We have just spent over two hours waiting for a chat session to try to ask directly to upgrade our plan. As soon as a customer service representative came on the line, they said they wouldn't be able to access our account, and the chat was closed without even giving us a chance to respond.


This means it is currently impossible for us to upgrade our plan - can't do it via chat, can't do it via website, and it's not possible to phone.


TPG - fix your website! In this day and age you should not be having basic website errors on such an important revenue-generating function. We want to upgrade our plan!


Has anyone else experienced this problem on the website?