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Charged before moving in

Level 2

Signed up for NBN100 ahead of moving in to the new home in a months time.

Got a message to add direct debit details for this new account.

Added the detail and was immediately charged the amount before the service was activated and before i even got keys for the new place.

Was told nothing can be done until I move in, upon when I can request a bill adjustment.


But does that mean the current occupants will be able to use the service once it is activated? Will the usage during this time reflect their use of the service instead of me?


Anyone else had this experience?


Hi @alanheung


TPG is a prepaid service; your initial payment is comprised of an installation fee and your 1st month fee. By operating this way we are able to keep costs down to continue offering the best value deals possible to our customers. The installation process begins as soon as we receive these specified funds from the customer.


If the service gets activated, the current tenant will not be able to use your service as they need your TPG account details to be configured on the connected modem/router.


For us to check further the status of your account, please shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.