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Charges dedcuted from my Account - Moving home doesnt work. Want to Cancel my TPG account

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On 11th of April I lodged a request for internet transfer as I moved home. On 26th April the technicial came and internet still doesn't work. I now want my TPG service cancelled but nobody has contacted me yet. I have sent email to customer support but no response from there as well. Today I checked my account and it shows that along with $59.99 monthly charges, $58.99 and $99.99 have been deducted from my account. What are these charges? When I still do not have internet at my new place then why these charges have been deducted? I have called accounts and billing department several times and have waited for 10 minutes on the call but nobody picked up. I especially want to know what are the $58.99 charges?





Hi @shifahaidry


We regret to hear that you're canceling your service. We have already replied to your other thread regarding your request.


For security and privacy reasons, we have sent you a PM discussing your billing details. Please check your community inbox.


If you have other concerns, do let us know.