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Concern about Account security

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Dear TPG,


I was the victim of a somewhat sophisticated online scam.  I received emails apparently from TPG saying my credit card payment was declined.  It had the correct account details.  When I logged in to re-enter my credit card details (there was no change in my card details).  The usual amount was deducted.  Subsequently an aberrant payment of $99.95 was then deducted the next day which tried to mimic the normal TPG description in my credit card statement.


I contacted TPG which had confirmed that there was no outstanding amount on my account which would have resorted in the deduction.  They also had no record of failed deductions.  My bank also confirmed there were no failed deductions prior to the apparent fraudulent one.


I have attached the screenshots on the "normal" TPG email with the correct outstanding amount and the suspect email.






Hi @deroshoee . Did you actually click on the link in either of the emails? 

On a computer, you can right-click on the link or even just run the mouse over the link to see what the actual link is. 

On a phone or tablet (touch screen), tap and hold on the link pops up a window with details of the link.

Generally, you shouldn't open links in emails.

If you entered details into the fraudulent website, your credit card might be compromised.

Have there been any other deductions? it's now 3 days since one of those emails.It's not clear which email is which.

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I didn’t click the link even though when you run the mouse over the link it was the correct link to TPG. I was a bit suspicious as for the last months I’ve been receiving fraudulent emails to my TPG inbox about resetting my account. I received daily emails supposedly from TPG about my credit card being declined. Mixed amongst them is the “Authentic” email from TPG with the correct pending balance. I only logged into TPG yesterday to re-enter my credit card details. It immediately deducted the pending amount from the “authentic” TPG email. Early this morning the fraudulent deduction occurred which is what led to me to call TPG to clarify why was there an additional deduction when there is no outstanding balance on my account.

My credit card has since been canceled by my bank after I called them.

Not sure if anyone else have had the same issue, but just wanted to bring it everyone’s attention!
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I have received exactly the same email today supposedly from I did not click on any links and contacted TPG. They indicated that my account was up to date and that no attempt had been made to do any extra debits. They had last sent me a legitimate email in March. I have now blocked sender and deleted email. What staggers me about this one is the increased sophistication of the scam. Right through it sounds so authentic. Thank you for putting up this post.