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Contract release due to unacceptable service provided

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I have 2 addresses - one in Melbourne VIC (former Telstra ADSL where I was usually getting 25 Mbps) and one in Sydney NSW (former Telstra cable where I was getting 112 Mbps) - both services were with Telstra.


I was due to switch to NBN. I found out that the NBN plans are a bit expensive and thought I will save a few $$$ so I decided to go with TPG for my new NBN connections.


On the 22 October 2020 I have placed a new order with TPG to connect my two addresses to the NBN network and to have both plans with TPS.


I have chosen NBN50 plans for both of my addresses (on 6 months contract for $69.99/month). The installation was pretty smooth. No problem there. After about a week of being on the TPG NBN50 plans, I was very disappointed. The speeds were insufficient, lots of services were loading very slow, or weren't loading at all (some streaming services like Stan or Amazon were impossible to load through my Apple TV even though I have never had a single issue while with Telstra). This was very frustrating so I decided to change my plans to TPG NBN100 and see if the speed increase helps.


I contacted TPG and asked them to change the plan to NBN100 but to honour the special price they run with the NBN100 plan which is $69.99 for 6 months. First, they didn't want to change it but then they agreed to change the plan and honour the special price for the next 6 months due to the fact I was an only new customer for couple weeks at that time.


The person I talked at that time came up with some complicated process where they have to create new accounts for each of my addresses with the NBN100 plans on it, get them active and then they would delete the accounts with NBN50 plans. Sounded strange to me but I agreed.


After that, I have received a couple of emails with some generic info about the new accounts being created and to set up new direct debits. I did what the emails asked and waited. I checked the status of the "installation" every day multiple times but no change.


Yesterdsay (26 Nov 2020) I logged to my online banking and was greeted with 3 recent charges from TPG. Two for $89.99 (I assume the regular price for the NBN100 plan) and one $69.99 charge (I assume that's the special price for the NBN50 plan). Today (27 Nov 2020) there's another charge for $69.99. Charges in last two days totalling $320!!! 


Yesterday (26 Nov 2020) later in the evening the internet on my VIC address stopped working! Since then I have made numerous attempts to contact tech support. Spoke with 5 different people today. Still no internet. And a couple of hours ago the internet on my NSW address stopped working as well!


I have made countless calls to TPG support and spend hours so far speaking with different people (17 to date). The last person was assuring me they are looking after me and how hard they work to sort the issues. Then he wanted to send me new modems and kept telling if you switch from NBN50 to NBN100 you need to new modem!?! 


It's 27 Nov 2020, 3.28 PM - I don't have an internet connection in either of my properties, my bank account as been debit with over $500 charges! 


This is not a service I have signed up to. And I should be able to leave without penalty! 


Hi @tomnem,


I responded to your initial post located here, we'll be closing this thread to avoid redundancy and confusion. We'll provide you an update when it becomes available.