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Cost to end association with TPG

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I’m writing do know the cost to permentlly end my association and account with your organization.
My customer ID XXXX, I have the 16 months remaining of a 18 month contract, I no longer have in my procession your free Modem that was taken by your technician on the last home visit.

I was earlier on the phone this evening quoted by two persons of your organization the first was 50% of remaining contract + $250.00 , second was $350.00, within 5mins.

As I’ve had nothing but endless lies and a complete I don’t give a ** attitude towards me about my no internet service.
I want to clearly know the cost to end every thing with your organization

customer ID XXXX


Hi @2731346,


We've responded to your last post. Refer to this thread.


Please avoid multiple posts as it takes us away from being able to assist other customers and delays our response to them.


Kind regards,