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Do I have to pay if I get called from Europe?

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I have a job interview on Friday evening. Unfortenately the guy is from Europe and said he would prefer a phone call over a skype call and the cost are no problem for him. Now I'm wondering if I also have to pay for the call if he calls me, because it's probably very expensive. I'm using the T4G Small v3 service so I have no international calls. And if I also have to pay for the call, how much is it per minute?


I couldn't find any answers to my question and it would be so great if you could help me. I'm from Europe myself and have no idea how the whole international calling from one continent to another works. 


Thanks in advance!



Hi @Nora-Lily,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Skype is a software application which uses the internet/mobile data for it to work. Given this, any call or video call from the said application will not cost you any amount rather than your mobile data. If you have a WiFi internet at home, much better as it will not consume your TPG mobile data.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,