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Double billed for cancellation

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I have submitted cancellation request on 10th/Sept and got confirmation for the cancellation request with expected cancellation date set to 10th/Oct.

Today, (29th/Sept) NBN got activated so I notified TPG that my service can be cancelled immediately.
Then, I got billed for the whole month again with reason 'Cost for service during 30 day notice period', which I have already served most of.
It looks like it was handled as new cancellation request for some reason.
I got invoices on 24th/Sept and 29/Sept for same amount. Clearly double billed.
Please look into this and rectify.
 - Username: alikong81
 - Customer ID: 4742720

Hi alik,


Customer Service has already replied to your email with the breakdown of the bill in relation to the cancellation of the service. If you have further dispute, please reply to the email.