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Downloading Net Invoice Issue

Level 2
Hi all!
I’m fairly new to joining TPG so it is possible I am just missing something, but I have searched the community with no success in finding a way to do it so hoping can get some help. Smiley Happy

I’ve been trying to download a copy of my internet invoices via my account to have them on record… but there doesn’t seem to be an option? I can view a basic look at the payment per month, but there is no option to download it as a pdf, view it in full, or get it emailed to me monthly. Is there a way I can get a pdf copy of my invoices??

Thank you in advance!


Welcome to TPG Community @keira9653!


Let's check what type of service you have with us and how we can get you a copy of your invoices. Send us a private message along with your account details.



Level 2
Hi Aubrey

Thank you! I will do that now Smiley Happy