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Elderly Parents being ripped off by TPG.

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How do I become the contact for my elderly parents?

I have just had a call from them and they were FORCED into signing up for an NBN product that they can't afford because the sales people scared them into thinking that if they didn't sign up now, they would be without a phone line or internet...



Hi @Kraig1,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Thanks for raising this matter to us and we apologise for what happened.


This is concerning to know as this is not the type of service we aim to provide.


We'd like to investigate and understand what happened in the conversation between your parents and our staff.


Please shoot me a PM with your parents TPG username or customer ID number.


How to send a PM? Click here.



How do I become the contact for my elderly parents?

- Your parents as the account holder needs to request to add you as a primary contact person for the account. They may contact our Customer service team or send the request via email to


Kind regards,




Hi @Kraig1 ,

Thanks for sending us the details. We'd like to confirm who advised them that the service will be

disconnected f they didn't sign up for the NBN? We're able to locate the account using your given details.Whilst we understand your concern, the NBN Fibre Technology is currently being rolled out around the country by the Australian Government. Once the NBN has rolled out in your area, you will have 18 months before the old network (ADSL) will be switched off if you're still on it.


However, we've seen that the ADSL Decomission date in your area is on the 6th of September, 2019 and there's no way of getting around this, everyone will have to move over eventually as all copper lines will soon be decommissioned.

We will take this as a complaint and raise this to one of our Complaints Resolution Case Manager for further handling and investigation.

Let us know should you require further assistance.